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Registration for 2017 & 2018 is now open.

Please call 6235 7555 for Camberley Pre-School Balmoral or 6383 5025 for Camberley Pre-School Kovan to enquire or register your interest. Alternatively, please email us at

Premium Quality Bilingual Pre-school and Kindergarten in Singapore

We warmly welcome both local children and foreign children. Our fees are the same for both groups of children. We take a rolling-admission and are able to enrol your child at anytime of the year.

At Camberley, we passionately believe that the early years of your child’s life are exceptionally important. We are a premium day care centre for children in Singapore, that offers high quality bilingual pre-school (early years) education to local and international children aged 18 months to 6 years. With our aesthetically pleasing school environment, high quality curriculum and small teacher-child ratio, we lovingly nurture the emotional, social, physical and cognitive development in your child.

Our Pre-School Videos

We invite you to enjoy the videos of our children playing at our Playgrounds and performing during the year end concert. The videos were taken at our Balmoral Plaza centre and Kovan centre.  Please click the video thumbnails or link to play the videos.

  • Camberley Pre-School Kovan – Morning Outdoor Playtime

  • Camberley Pre-School – Mandarin Speech and Drama programme

  •  Camberley Pre- School Newton – Our Treehouse Playground


Qualified Pre-school, Childcare and Nursey School Teachers

Our pre-school English and Mandarin teachers are all highly qualified and have a diploma or degree in early childhood education and care. Our programme and teachers inculcate a love for learning and as a result our children look forward to coming to our playgroup classes, nursery school classes and kindergarten classes in Singapore. We are proud to have on our team ECDA Outstanding Teacher Award (Commendation) teachers. Please check at our centres for details. 

The Camberley Learning Environment for Children

Our international pre-school, kindergarten and childcare centres offers our renowned learning environment for children in their early years. We embrace children’s varied learning styles and gifts by delivering an inquiry based curriculum that engages them in meaningful play, exciting discoveries, art, music, drama, language and numeracy. We develop confidence in our children by empowering them to express themselves in many creative ways.

Through our inquiry-based curriculum and a small teacher-student ratio, we instil in our children a love for learning, as we tailor their experiences towards their many interests and curiosities, with rich interactions with the environment. Our pre-school in Singapore has earned a reputation among families through our innovative teaching methods and genuine passion for our work. We fully develop your child’s potential and give them the strong foundation for their formal schooling years.

Premium facilities for locals, expats and international students

We adopt the belief that the learning environment is the ‘third’ teacher. We carefully select colours and materials in the design and set up of all our pre-schools and day care centres to create an environment that is respectful to children. Our teachers carefully design and set up the classroom environment for conducive large group, small group and individual work.

To enquire about our pre-schools in our Kovan and Bukit Timah, please call Camberley at 6235 7555.