Camberley’s Vision

Camberley Pre-School is committed to provide children with the best pre-school experience and education.

Camberley’s Mission

Camberley will meet its Vision by:

  • Providing A Safe, Healthy, Child-centred and Positive Environment of Learning
  • Providing A Holistic Programme based on research-based best practices
  • Providing authentic Home-School Partnership
  • Carry out On-going Evaluation and Assessment on our programme and organisation as a whole
  • Respecting Every Child

Camberley’s Philosophy of Care

A Safe, Healthy, Child-centred and Positive Environment of Learning

We believe that every child is entitled to grow and learn in a safe and secure environment. We also strive to give our children and their families a school where they feel they belong; where rich learning takes place. We believe in giving everyone in the Camberley family happy and memorable years with us. We therefore aim to provide a caring and positive environment of learning for children, their families as well as our team of staff.

A Holistic Programme

We believe in providing authentic and meaningful learning experiences to promote holistic development of our children – physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially. We aim to instill in our children a paradigm of inquiry and a love for learning. We believe that children need to be given opportunities to grow, to explore, to discover and to experience successes. We seek to nurture the champion in every child.

Home-School Partnership

We believe that families bring with them rich knowledge about their children and an active partnership between school and the home can only benefit the child. We aim to foster strong home-school partnerships and we are pro-active in responding to the needs of children and their families.

On-going Evaluation and Assessment

We value feedback and understand the need for on-going evaluation and assessment to monitor our progress. We use documentation as a tool of assessment for children and as an ongoing evaluation of our programme. We also encourage and support reflective practice in our team of staff, to enhance our pedagogy and as a platform for professional development.

Respect for Every Child

Above all, we value and respect children for their individuality and uniqueness. Our programme embraces children’s varied learning styles and gifts.