Becoming a Camberley Pre-School Franchisee 

We seek suitable persons or companies to join us as franchisees in this highly meaningful and highly rewarding venture.

There is an initial franchise fee and an ongoing fee based on student revenues and numbers. The cost of establishing and operating a Cambelrey Pre-School centre is dependent on the capacity of the centre, location, and types of Cambelrey programmes offered.

Our franchisees will receive access to Camberley Pre-School programmes and expertise in setting up and running a school. Camberley Pre-school’s Facilities Department provides (at a consulation fee) expert property selection advice, change of use advice, centre design consultation and construction management services for the initial set up and renovations.

We provide on-going support and quality control to ensure all Camberley Pre-School centres meet our quality standards.

Steps To Become a Camberley Pre-School Franchisee

  1. Contact us at to schedule a franchise discussion session at our HQ
  2. Attend the franchise one-to-one discussion session
  3. Signing of Official Franchise Agreement
  4. Training Session for Franchisee
  5. Commencement of design consultation of the proposed Centre (Option: to be done by our in-house facilities department)
  6. Commencement of school renovations and set-up (Option: to be done by our in-house facilities department)
  7. ECDA pre-licensing with our in-house consultants
  8. Open House and Official Opening with our in-house consultants