Academic Team at Camberley Pre-School Balmoral (Newton)

An introduction of some of our academic team members at Camberley Pre-School Balmoral (Newton). We welcome you to visit us today at our Newton centre to speak with our academic team members.


Jenny Goh

Principal, Camberley Pre-School Balmoral Plaza (Newton)

Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education

Diploma in Early Childhood (Teaching & Leadership)

Child First Aid

Ms. Jenny has been an assistant childcare since 1990 and worked herself up to the senior teacher position in 2007 and became a principal in 2014. She believes that children possess enormous potential and curiosity. She views children as active learners who strive to understand the world and construct their own knowledge as they interact with the environment and as social beings.

Ms. Jenny has a Bachelor of Science with a focus in Literacy from Seeds Institute and a Diploma in Teaching and Leadership in Early Childhood Education. She has immersed herself in the early year education and development with great passion in teaching and nurturing children of all age groups. It creates opportunities for her to learn and grow with the children.

During her free time, Ms. Jenny enjoys music, reading and travelling with her loved ones.



Ms. Amirah Affandy

Lead Teacher, Camberley Pre-School Balmoral Plaza (Newton)

Specialist Diploma in Psychology (Early Childhood), Certificate in Early Childhood (Care and Education)

Child First Aid


Ms. Amirah has been in the early childhood industry since the year 2011. Ms. Amirah worked as a relief while undergoing her Certificate in Early Childhood course with SEED Institute. Upon completion of her course, she was offered a fulltime position as an English Teacher. She then furthered her studies by taking her Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Psychology with SMF Institute.

Throughout her years of teaching, Ms. Amirah has had the opportunity to create a fun and engaging environment for her class. Her focus lies in ensuring that the children balance learning with fun, and build confidence in their own ability.

Ms. Amirah is also very passionate in art. She believes that art plays an important role in a child’s development as it encourages children to use their creativity and imagination, while they develop their social, emotional and sensory motor skills.

One of Ms. Amirah’s favourite quotes: “A child’s creativity will not be just a memory; it will be a valuable, personal resource to use every day.” – Anna Reyner






Jesslyn Sim

Lead Teacher, Camberley Pre-School Balmoral Plaza (Newton)

Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education (Teaching)

Child First Aid

Ms. Jesslyn has been an Early Childhood educator since the year 2011. She is currently taking her Degree in Early Childhood Education (International) with Deakin University in partnership with SEED Institute. Ms. Jesslyn is a passionate educator with strong beliefs in nurturing and building good relationships with all children, parents and staff.

Ms. Jesslyn believes that education is the best tool in life, and a safe, clean and free environment is the root of creative learning. She had participated in an ECDA innovation grant project which aimed to nurture and encourage creative thinking in young children. She had also been actively involved in gardening projects with parents during her course of her career too.

Ms. Jesslyn has undergone professional trainings for phonics, service and questioning techniques to extend children’s thinking. She has also received numerous accolades and awards for the great service and accountability she has provided for the children in her care.

She desires to continue on her journey of professional development and looks forward to the brilliant opportunity to teach and learn with the team at Camberley Pre-School.

Apart from teaching, Ms. Jesslyn enjoys travelling, the arts, reading, and music. Ms. Jesslyn had also actively participated in various interest groups such as concert band, modern dance and the drama club.



Ms. Zhang Qiao-Wen

Mandarin Language Teacher and Lead Teacher, Camberley Pre-School Balmoral Plaza (Newton)

Diploma in Pre-School Education (Teaching)

Ms. Zhang comes from Taipei and is a graduate in Early Childhood. She has experience as a kindergarten teacher in Taiwan. As an early childhood educator, she diligently takes care of the children under her care and sees daily routine as a learning opportunity for them. It is her hope that the children under her care grow up well.

Ms. Zhang has also been a full-time art teacher for young children. She enjoys art and believes in providing opportunities for the children to create. Ms. Zhang would also provide a variety of materials for the children to explore art with.  Because of her love for children and the arts, she joined Early Childhood so that she will be able to create meaningful and fun learning experiences for the children.



Rebecca Lesley Leadsom

Specialist Teacher, Camberley Pre-School Balmoral Plaza (Newton)

BSc (Hons) Biology with Qualified Teacher Status

I am a British Qualified Teacher with an Upper Second Class Honours Teaching Degree from Lancaster University in England. I also hold a Jolly Phonics teaching qualification. I am a mother to a 4-year-old girl who is fluent in both Mandarin and English and a 2-year-old boy who is in the early stages of developing his language skills.

In my classroom, I adore having lots of carefully managed action going on. I want each and every child I teach to be happy and confident individuals. This is done by a multisensory approach where lessons are fun, interesting and relevant to ensure that every child excels to their full potential. I particularly enjoy engaging children with Song and Story Time across all subject areas.



Wen Li Ying, Laoshi

Mandarin Language Teacher, Camberley Pre-School Balmoral Plaza (Newton)

Diploma in Pre-School Education (Teaching)

Ms. Wen graduated from Changsha Hunan Normal University with a passion in early childhood teaching. She has worked in pre-schools in Shanghai and Guangdong since 2012. During the course of her studies and work, she has constantly developed herself professionally. Ms. Wen has participated and is a certified music and dance teacher of the Orff Approach.





Ms. Karina Gutierrez

Lead Teacher, Camberley Pre-School Balmoral Plaza (Newton)

Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology

Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education (Teaching) 

Child First Aid

Ms. Karina has been an early childhood educator since the year 2010. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in the Philippines, and in 2015 she finished Certificate courses in Introduction to the History of Art and Digital Photography in the University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins. While in Singapore, Ms. Karina took her Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education and has taught in pre-schools in Singapore for many years.

Ms. Karina is a creative individual who is passionate about different forms of art. She strongly believes that fostering creativity is a very important method to develop children’s emotional, physical and social awareness.  Her philosophy of teaching is simple- to make difference in the lives of the young ones. Apart from teaching, Ms. Gutierrez enjoys travelling, reading, movies, music, cooking, baking and taking food photos.