Curriculum for Kindergarten, Nursery and Playgroup in Singapore

The Camberley curriculum is divided into 3 levels, each catering to the unique set of needs and developmental characteristics of the different age groups: Playgroup, Nursery and Kindergarten.

Our approach to PLAYGROUP in Kovan and all our Singapore centres is focused on exploratory experiences. There is emphasis on stimulation through play, discovery through inquiry, quality interactions with the environment, and development of fine and gross motor skills through physical activities. Children will be provided with ample opportunities to develop communication skills as well as expression of thought and feeling through art. As most playgroup children would be going through their first school experience, this curriculum serves to launch them into a journey of learning and discovery, and to get them acquainted with social experiences.


The general programme objectives for playgroup children are for them to be able to:

  • explore their surroundings and materials with ease and confidence;
  • be curious about new physical and social settings;
  • acquire and practice motor skills in a conducive and safe environment;
  • focus their attention on activities;
  • get along with others;
  • develop listening skills;
  • communicate and interact with their peers and teachers;
  • express their feelings and thought through different artistic media;
  • acquire pre-math and pre-reading skills;
  • learn through play.


The NURSERY curriculum focuses on promoting discovery through inquiry. It builds upon the learning experiences of the playgroup years as well as the physical, cognitive and communication skills that the children have acquired. There is an introduction to integrated learning experiences through a project approach, with a focus on using play as a tool for purposeful acquisition of knowledge and skills. This curriculum will instil number awareness and provide exposure to early numeracy concepts. Children will be systematically introduced to phonics and reading skills.

The general programme objectives for nursery children are for them to be able to:

  • exhibit self-control and confidence in relating to others;
  • develop autonomy;
  • develop social skills such as sharing, taking turns and working in teams;
  • exhibit receptive and expressive language;
  • develop early math and reading skills;
  • focus and channel attention to tasks;
  • acquire information about the world around them through an inquiry approach;
  • practice and refine their motor skills;
  • express their feelings and thought through different artistic media.


The KINDERGARTEN curriculum nurtures and fulfils children’s natural curiosities by facilitating acquisition of knowledge and skills through an inquiry approach. The children conduct negotiated projects and express their learning through various schemas such as creative writing and art. There is also emphasis on language proficiency and math, both as outcomes as well as tools for learning. This curriculum meets children’s needs for academic capabilities and school readiness.

The general programme objectives for kindergarten children are for them to be able to:

  • develop a positive attitude towards learning;
  • exhibit self-control and independence;
  • conduct themselves well in various social settings;
  • exhibit planning and leadership skills;
  • hold conversations well;
  • develop and exhibit good use of vocabulary;
  • exhibit good conceptual skills in all learning areas;
  • exhibit good receptive and expressive language;
  • engage in active physical play;
  • use fine motor skills for practical purposes;
  • express their feelings and thought through different artistic media.

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