Camberley Pre-School at Balmoral Plaza (Newton)

At Camberley Pre-School Balmoral, our beautiful classrooms environments are highly conducive for children’s learning, play and rest. Our excellent teacher to child ratio ensure all children receive the personalised attention and care from their teachers. We are firm advocates of parent-centre partnerships and practice open communications with all parents.

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Balmoral Centre’s highlights:

  • A complete and well-rounded English and Mandarin bilingual programme
  • Primary 1 Preparation Curriculum with focus on English and Mandarin Literacy and Numeracy
  • Afternoon Enrichment Programmes at no extra cost for Full Day Programme
  • An aesthetically pleasing environment for children’s learning, play and rest
  • Low teacher to student ratios for all year levels
  • Experienced degree trained and diploma trained Early Childhood teachers
  • A large 1900 square feet tree house themed playground
  • Custom design and built Kitchen Studio for a culinary fun time
  • Full Air-conditioned Campus

We take a rolling-admission and are able to enrol your child at anytime of the year.



Our Address: 271 Bukit Timah Road #02-16, Balmoral Plaza, Singapore 259708.

Nearest MRT station is Newton. Nearest Condos are One Balmoral, Three Balmoral, Belmond Green, Volari, Balmoral 8, Balmoral Residences, Balmoral Tower.

Tel: 6235 7555

Camberley Pre-school Balmoral is located at 271 Bukit Timah Road Unit #02-16 Singapore 259708. The pre-school is located in the vicinity of Stevens Road, Scotts Road, Newton Road and Orchard Road. The nearest MRT station is Newton and is an 8 minutes’ walk away.

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Visit us at Balmoral Plaza #02-16 for a private tour of our 5000 square centre. Let your children play at our 1900 square feet tree house themed playground and participate in a fun free 30 to 45 minutes trial lessons

The centre offers full day and half day pre-nursery or playgroup, nursery and kindergarten programmes to 18 months to 6 years children within an international environment. The centre’s 5000 square feet campus is fully air-conditioned.

Weekly Field Trip to Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

JBCG map at the entrance

(Image Source: National Parks Board)


Our children at Camberley Pre-School Balmoral Plaza enjoys weekly field trip to the Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden at no extra cost. At the garden, the children come into close contact with nature and enjoy a fun time learning and playing in the morning sun. To find our more, please visit our centre for more details.

Visit link for details of the garden:



Pre-School Videos

We invite you to enjoy the videos of our children playing at our Tree House Playground and performing during the year end concert. The videos were taken at our Balmoral Plaza centre.  Please click the video thumbnail or link to play the videos:

  • Camberley Pre-School – Mandarin Speech and Drama programme


  •  Camberley Pre- School Newton – Our Treehouse Playground


The Camberley Pre-school Environment at Balmoral Plaza

The centre is set up with the careful selection of colours and natural materials to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and conducive environment for learning, play and rest.

The learning environment is carefully designed and planned such that children have quality interactions with materials, be it individually or in groups. There is emphasis on physical activities in the Camberley programme, and children have meaningful and fun experiences with nature and natural materials.

At Camberley, we believe that having clean and aesthetically pleasing space is important for the children’s’ holistic learning. Routine cleaning is carried out several times daily to maintain a hygienic learning environment.

The 1900 square feet play area is well-suited for the children to play and enjoy. The centre has a custom built tree house play structure, blocks area, and space for ball games. The centre also has a custom built children kitchen studio for children to bake and cook in our Camberley Gourmet lessons.

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Most importantly, the physical environment is reinforced by the pre-school’s low child to teacher ratio to ensure that each child is given the attention needed for holistic development. Camberley Pre-school Balmoral’s Small Teacher-Student Ratio is as shown in the Table below.

Small Teacher-Student Ratio in even in older age groups

Our teacher-student ratios are kept small to ensure that each child gets the necessary attention from the teachers. Our ratios are small even in the older age groups.

Age of ChildrenECDA GuidelinesCamberley Preschool Balmoral’s Teacher-Student Ratio
> 18 mths – 30 mths1:81:7
> 30 mths – 3 yrs1:121:10
> 3 yrs – 4 yrs1:151:12
> 4yrs – 7 yrs1:251:16(K1) and 1:20(K2)

Pre-School Fees at Camberley Pre-School Balmoral


ProgrammeFees before Subsidy DeductionFees after Subsidy Deduction (for working mothers)
Full Day (7:00am – 7:00pm) Playgroup S$1500 per month before SubsidyS$1200
Full day (7:00am – 7:00pm) Nursery 1 & 2S$1485 per month before SubsidyS$1185
Full day (7:00am – 7:00pm) Kindergarten 1 & 2S$1485 per month before SubsidyS$1185
Half Day (AM) (7:00am – 1:00pm) for all age groupsS$1350 per month before SubsidyS$1200
Half Day (PM) (1:00pm – 7:00pm) for all age groupsS$1350 per month before SubsidyS$1200

Enrolment Fees at Camberley Pre-School Balmoral

 ProgrammeRegistration Fee (non-refundable)Student Insurance per annum (include GST)Deposit (refundable)
Full Day (Playgroup)S$100.00S$8.00S$1500.00
Full Day (Nursery 1 to Kindergarten 2)S$100.00S$8.00S$1485.00
Half Day (AM/PM)S$100.00S$8.00S$1350.00


Upon confirmation of a child’s enrolment, the child’s parent will have to make the following payments:-
1. Non-refundable registration fee
2. A refundable deposit of one month’s fee
3. The 1st month fee (non-refundable)
4. Insurance
The above payment can be paid in cash or cheque payable to:
“Camberley International Pre-School Pte Ltd”.

Procedures for Enrolment

To enrol your child in Camberley, you will need to come to our centre to fill up the registration form. In addition, you will need to prepare the following documents for submission to us:

  • Mother’s IC (Singaporean and PR) or FIN Card – & a copy of both sides
  • Father’s IC (Singaporean and PR) or FIN Card – & a copy of both sides
  • Child’s FIN Card or Child’s Birth Certificate (Singaporean) or Re-entry Permit (PR only) – & a copy
  • Child’s Immunisation Record – & a copy
  • Singaporeans who are working or non-working mothers, or single fathers, may claim a child care subsidy from MSF (applicable only at child-care centres). For working mothers, a recent original letter from the employer, latest CPF statement or original latest pay slip must be submitted
  • 3 recently taken passport-sized photographs of the child

Healthy and Tasty Meals at Camberley Pre-School Balmoral

Healthy and tasty meals support healthy physical development in children. We do not cut cost with the meals we provide our students at Camberley. All meals are freshly prepared by our in-house cook.

Our preschool provides 3 quality healthy meals a day – breakfast, lunch and tea – depending on the type of programme your child is enrolled in. We have 4 menu sets that we rotate throughout a calendar month. Our meals are prepared in accordance to the dietary guidelines from Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) and Health Promotion Board of Singapore.

We do not serve deep fried food like fries or hash browns. We do not serve processed meats like fish-ball, luncheon (preserved or cured) meat, hotdog sausages and Chinese preserved sausages (Lap Cheong). We believe processed meats are not beneficial to a child’s physical development. Therefore we only use real natural meats like fish fillets and chicken breast/thigh.

Our food menus are displayed at our centre’s notice board.