Our Bilingual Immersion Pre-school Programme in Singapore

The Camberley Programme Learning Areas

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  • Camberley Inquiry-Based Core Programme (in English and Mandarin)

Camberley Pre-school offers a complete bilingual pre-school programme. Our innovative inquiry-based core programme is delivered in both English and Mandarin. This integrated bilingual approach of our Mandarin immersion pre-school programme in Singapore nurtures an authentic interest in the Mandarin language and empowers them to pick up the language effectively and efficiently. Read more about our Chinese Immersion curriculum here. Besides the core programme, our children naturally acquire the Mandarin language through rich learning experiences such as Chinese art, performance art, literature, songs, stories, dance and festivals in our Camberley Acts (Mandarin Speech and Drama) and Camberley Chinese Cultural Immersion Programme.

The core programme begins with teacher provocation and builds on what children know and think. With our inquiry-based curriculum, our children are truly empowered and equipped with the necessary tools, dispositions and skills for positive life-long learning. Through this programme, our children develop to become critical thinkers and researchers. The programme integrates the following learning areas:

  • Language and Literacy
  • Science and Discovery
  • Self and Social Awareness
  • Motor Skills
  • Music and Movement
  • Numeracy
  • Art and Craft


The Advantage of Camberley’s Enrichment Classes for Pre-Schoolers

In addition to Camberley Inquiry-Based Core Programme, the following enrichment programmes are provided weekly to enhance the children’s learning in a fun and exciting way:



  • Camberley Mathematics

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It is important that our children are able to apply and understand the connections that mathematical concepts have in our daily lives. Through our creative style of teaching and the rich learning experiences provided in the programme, our children have a love for numeracy and are able to problem-solve confidently. Camberley Mathematics is a skills-based Mathematics curriculum that is systematic, sequential, progressive, relevant and fun – involves active manipulation of materials in the acquisition of skills in the following areas:

  1. Number sense and operations
  2. Geometry and spatial awareness
  3. Measurement
  4. Analysis of data




  • Camberley Atelier

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Camberley Atelier stimulates our children’s senses and enhances their aesthetic and creative development. Our children become confident and expressive, and are appreciative of the various art forms and elements of art. During Camberley Atelier classes, the children are engaged in a wide range of hands-on exciting art & craft projects where they can express themselves freely and creatively.










  • Camberley Gourmet

enrichment classes

Camberley Gourmet provides fun age-appropriate culinary lessons for our children to develop self-help skills, and learn of mathematical and scientific concepts. It also forms the basis of good eating habits and the appreciation of food. At the end of the school day, the children are proud to present to their parents the food items which they have prepared.





  • Camberley Acts (in English and Mandarin)


In Camberley Acts, our speech and drama programme, our children have the opportunity to take on the role of writer, a performer, and a director through Reader’s Theatre, poetry, drama, and music. Through this programme, our children develop to become outspoken and vibrant individuals. We invite you to view the video (below) of our children perfoming:



  • Camberley Tots (Fine Motor Skills Programme for Playgroup)


Camberley Tots is our play-based fine motor curriculum that provides opportunities for the Playgroup children to develop and further refine their fine motor skills through fun and stimulating experiences with art materials, puzzles, beads, blocks and tools such as zippers and laces.







  • Jolly Phonics


Our chosen phonics programme is Jolly Phonics. The programme is a fun and child-centred approach to teaching literacy through synthetic phonics. With actions for each of the 42 letter sounds, the multi-sensory method is very motivating for children and teachers, who can see their students achieve. The Jolly Phonics program teaches five basic skills for reading and writing. The five basic skills are all taught at the same time throughout the programme. (ref: http://jollylearning.co.uk/)







  • Camberley Reading and Writing (in English and Mandarin)

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Apart from learning how to read, it is essential that our children write well. With our Camberley Reading and Writing programme, our children are engaged in a wide range of activities to enhance their reading skills and flair for writing.







  • Camberley Chinese Cultural Immersion Programme

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In this Chinese enrichment preschool programme, our children are taken on a journey to learn about the very fascinating world of Chinese art, calligraphy, music and traditions.











  • Camberley Academic Programme (School readiness for 5 and 6 year olds)

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The Camberley Academic Programme is delivered in English and Mandarin. It has a strong focus on English and Chinese literacy. Our children are given opportunities to express themselves through research, creative writing, group work, and creative problem-solving. The Camberley Academic Programme ensures a smooth and successful transition from pre-school to formal primary school education.