The Camberley Environment

The learning environment is carefully designed and planned such that children have quality interactions with natural materials and nature, be it individually or in groups. There is emphasis on physical activities in the Camberley programme, and children have meaningful and fun experiences with nature.

At Camberley, we believe that having clean and aesthetically pleasing space is important for the children’s’ holistic learning. Routine cleaning is carried out several times daily to maintain a hygienic learning environment.

All our centres are set up with the careful selection of colours and natural materials to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and conducive environment for learning, play and rest.

The spacious play areas in each centre are well-suited for the children to play and enjoy. In the play areas, the centres (please check with the centre of your choice for specific play area facilities) have water and sand play equipment, Children’s kitchen for our Camberley Gourmet programme, large play structures, space for trikes (tricycle) riding and sensory gardens for children to cultivate and learn about plants.

Most importantly, the physical environment is reinforced by the pre-school’s low child to teacher ratio to ensure that each child is given the attention needed for holistic development.