The Camberley Programme

Our View of the Whole Child:

    • Physical needs met:

Children must always feel safe and secure. We plan our physical environment to promote a sense of belonging and where children feel happy and comfortable. We also provide children a range of healthy nutritious meals, in line with the recommendations of the Health Promotion Board. We also have in place standard procedures for the maintenance of hygiene in our centre as well as for the prevention of spread of diseases.

    • Intrinsically capable:

Children are active participants in their own learning. They build their knowledge through experiences and interaction with the physical and social environment. We facilitate children’s construction of their own knowledge by providing repeated experiences and engaging them in solving real problems.

    • Different intelligences:

We embrace and celebrate the different ways in which our children excel, and we recognize these as gifts. Camberley provides a variety of experiences where children can use their gifts and at the same time strengthen other areas.

    • Love to play:

All children love to play. Play is natural, spontaneous and allows children to suspend reality. Play is free from rules. Play is therapy.

    • Learn through play:

Play promotes interaction, play provides for holistic development, play breeds success, and above all, play is pleasurable. In Camberley, we emphasize the use of play as a tool for teaching and learning.

Our Curriculum

The Camberley programme is holistic and developmentally appropriate. It caters to development across all domains – physical, intellectual, emotional and social. Our programme promotes experiential learning through hands-on and authentic experiences relating to exciting and meaningful themes. We prepare children for learning through inquiry by employing the inquiry approach in a progressive manner from the playgroup to kindergarten years.

Our curriculum supports the development of skills and competencies in Language & Literacy, Numeracy, Science & Discovery, Motor Skills, Music & Movement, Art & Craft and Self & Social Awareness. Activities are integrated, multi-modal and taps on children’s multiple intelligences.

Camberley Pre-School’s Teachers

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In Camberley, teachers are the directors of learning. Apart from taking on the role of educators who pave children’s learning through devising learning experiences, they also facilitate emergent learning and the project approach through careful observation and reflection of children’s interests and natural sense of wonder. Our teachers embrace the inquiry approach by imbibing a culture of questioning and investigation. Above all, Camberley’s teachers are ambassadors of children.

Authentic Documentation

We communicate and share children’s learning through observation and authentic documentation, as well as through other channels such as newsletters, communication books and parent-teacher meetings.